Drawing of an item before laser engraving


Are your projecs complex and you require our expertise in graphic design?  You already have vectorized files and you want us to approve your drawings?  Our trained and competent staff will provide you the graphical design services you need. Since we work in collaboration with our clients, teamwork oriented relationships are the norm for us. We will be present at every step of the design process and you will get to approve the final drawings. We use the best software available and keep ourselves up to date with their usage.


No matter what material is used, every single item is perfectly engraved. The attention to detail and precision of our production team stands out from the competition. All of the orders, no matter their size are handled with extreme care and attention. The volume of items we to produce will surprise you. Every day at Systana Gravure, hundreds of items are engraved with our high precision laser engravers that are recent and very efficient.

Red lamicoid sheet being placed in the laser engraver

Batch of round tags being packaged and cleaned


Every item produced is then cleaned with the appropriate solution to ensure you get a tag or sign that is impeccable. The cleaning process is one of the many crucial parts of making a high-quality product.


Since Systana Gravure produces identification tags and signage for multiple clients all over North America, we need to make sure everything that leaves our workshop is well packaged. This part is crucial to ensure that our products are delivered in the same perfect condition than when they left, without getting scratched or damaged in any way. For this, we developped a simple and efficient packaging method.

Fast Delivery

We work with one of the largest parcel delivery buisness in the world, UPS, to make sure our products are delivered to you. If you so desire, UPS can deliver your order the very next day, on time guaranteed.