One of our specialty here at Systana Gravure is high end signage in office buildings. The project we're presenting was installed at the Clinique de Santé Jacques-Cartier, which is located at 1815 King Ouest, Suite 200, Sherbrooke, QC.

For this particular project, we needed to design a modular system that would last a very long time. As you probably know, the staff in a business changes through time. Thus, we needed to innovate and provide a system that would cope with all of the employee changes.

Since the business spans the vast majority of the floor they are located in, we also needed to design a custom signage solution that would provide clear and precise directions for the clients to ensure they could navigate to the right department or office. The doctors assigned to an office can change on a daily basis and they tend to be out of office very often. Thus, our signage solution needed to be very practical for the staff. Here at Systana Gravure, we place the client at the center of all our decisions and innovations.


Signage in the entrance of Clinique Santé Jacques-Cartier

Big sign of different names and locations

Every single name tag and location tag on this picture are completely modular and interchangeable. This system enables us to provide highly flexible signage solutions to our clients. In this specific exemple, our client, which works in the healthcare industry, can change which counter will take appointments for which doctors. The system could also have been used to indicate in which office the doctors are located that particular day.

Each counter can then orient the patient to one of the waiting rooms where someone who will then take care of him. The beauty of this system is that you can add, remove or edit name tags whenever you need. On top of that, since they only represent a small portion of the sign, name tags can be bought for a very reasonable price. 

We then identified the hallways and individual offices. We also offer signage for health & safety, once again, according to the precise requirements of our clients. We can also respect the norms of pictography or innovate with a completly custom design. 

Exemple of a name tag for a desk